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"Coercian Failed" Material error

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    "Coercian Failed" Material error

    I'm trying to recreate the storm from Gears of War's Act 3 in UT3 and I'm now onto the final part of it - the flashy skybox.

    I have both games, so I've copied the material from the GoW skybox and I'm getting a pair of "Coercian Failed" errors (the lines run off the screen).

    Material Editor Screenshot

    The only difference between my material and the GoW material is the top section being more complicated (the GoW one is just a Texture Sample multiplied by 0.75), I've tried mine the GoW way just to check that wasn't the problem and the error stays the same.

    By playing around I've narrowed it down to the Linear Interpolation nodes, as bypassing them and using a Adds gets rid of the errors but obviously results in a different effect.

    Like I said, this works fine in Gears so it seems a bit strange.
    Can anyone help at all?

    The Alpha input of a Linear Interpolate cannot take an RGB input. It needs a single value, not 3 values.


      Seems a strange thing to change between GoW and UT3.

      Thanks though, that's cleared the errors up.
      I've sorted a workaround by dumping the bottom left and bottom middle bits and using a multiply and an add instead, not sure it's quite the same but it's a similar effect at least.