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Light/shadow issue

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    Light/shadow issue

    Here I am in Unlit mode and i don't know why those pink lines still shows up...

    but the real problem is in the Lit mode where shadow are all wrong...

    what could be?

    i apologize for my english.

    First the pink lines are the collision for the meshes you are using, you can see them because you have pressed C which is a flag for seeing them.

    Second the shadows look strange because the editor gives you an approximation of what the shadows will look like before you build your lighting. If you build your lighting they should look ok.


      if i build the light, shadows became correct, but what i don't understand is why dynamic shadow... well... aren't dynamic...

      here is, in Lit Mode, without Dynamic Shadow....

      and then when with Dynamic Shadow....

      now i change the position of the light and...

      i don't think that's correct, in fact the shadow moves opposite to the light (the light goes down while shadow goes up) without staying on the objects..
      floating into air and similar... could that be a driver issue?


        Dynamic shadows does not mean you can move a point light manually in the editor and expect the shadows to work.

        Dynamic shadows means that if you have a light source that moves/changes in game (a moving or flashing light), of if the mesh itself moves in game (like a lift), its shadow will move/change accordingly. Inside the editor is different.

        With meshes and lights that do not move, the lighting and shadowing is set.
        When adding lights, meshes or bsp the editor uses something called (I think) stenciling, which is a quick way to approximate the light and shadow. When you move lights or meshes around the stencling gets less accurate and looks weird, like in your pic.
        When you build the lighting it fully calculates all the lights and shadows (takes several minutes for a detailed map) and they look correct again.

        If you have a mesh that moves in game (like a lift), giving it a dynamic shadow means that as it moves, its shadow will move accordingly as the mesh moves relative to the lights.


          The lighting and shadows used when lighting is not built in the editor really is the same dynamic lighting and shadows that would be used in-game. It should be accurate. As you move a light or mesh around, the shadows should update accordingly and continue to be accurate. It is only considered an approximation in so far as the final look will change (for static lighting and shadows) after being built. The location of the shadows should be accurate, however. Notice I used the word "should" a lot.


            Originally posted by ffejnosliw View Post
            The lighting and shadows used when lighting is not built in the editor really is the same dynamic lighting and shadows that would be used in-game.
            That is not true, no where in ut3 do they use dynamic stencil shadowing. In both gow and ut3 Epic only uses dynamic modulated shadowmapping for their dynamic shadows.


              I did say "would be used" not "is used". Semantics, yes....but you can make UT3 use shadow volume shadows in-game and they are a feature of the engine. I understand that Epic has chosen to use LightEnvironments for their dynamic shadows as this provides a fixed performance cost. Just because Epic didn't use them doesn't mean they don't exist, though. My point was more geared towards these shadows not being inaccurate as they were stated to be. They should be accurate.


                Try setting the viewport to Realtime by clicking the first icon on the top left of the viewport. It should at least make things more accurate.


                  Whenever I move meshes or lights about in the editor, it completely screws up the lighting/shading of that mesh or area.

                  Having said that, I don;t have any set to cast dynamic shadows.