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    Crazy Hole

    I have this crazy hole that showed up last night and cannot get rid of it and cannot cover it. In the pic, the hole is at the end of the floor and it seems that the brush does not extend downward enough to cover it, but trust me, it extends another 20 feet downward (in the scale of the map) and upward about 100 feet. As you can see in the second pic, there is no subtraction brush in the area.

    I have tried creating another brush and moving it horizontally inward, until it almost covers the doors and the hole remains. I have tried deleting it altogether and making a new one, but the hole remains. The strange thing it, I wasn't even working in this area of the map when it appeared.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Something like this most recently happened to me when I accidentally overlapped two vertices on a subtractive brush, causing a huge hole across the width of the brush it was subtracted from, so it might be worth checking the subtractives nearby or whichever one you most recently added/edited. It could also be caused by deleting a vertex or moving them in such a way that a brush loses one or more of its faces/turns partially inside out/whatever.


      That's the strange thing. This area wasn't made by hollowing out an area, it is a box made with a brush for the floor, the hollowed out hallways and the large brush for the back wall. The only subtractives even close are the doorways but they don't overlap that area.

      Also, the hole is solid, you cannot fall out through it. It knows there is a wall there, it just won't apply the material to it.


        Where the bsp overlap or intersect there are cuts, if you look at your bsp in wire frame mode you will see the cuts.

        The editor got confused and removed a polygon where one of these cuts are.

        These holes can occur anywhere but they are always caused by a brush, the problem is finding which one.

        I have found just moving the verts of a brush about can cause the hole to show in a different place the next time you build the geometry.

        You are less likely to get bsp holes if you keep all your brushes on grid 8 or higher, try not to have faces overlapping or touching and limit the number of bushes that meet in one place.


          The problem are your cutouts (Subtractive brush) for each door.

          Your wall thickness looks to be around 8 unreal units thick. your door brush you used to cut out the door (what I'm seeing in the picture) looks to be like 128 unreal units.

          Delete the two doors and re-set your brush to the thickness of the wall.

          Of course what you want to do before you do this is save your map with another version name and give this a go. That way if this does not solve the problem you can go back to the last version.

          Hope that helps.


            You got classical HOM effect. It was present in unreal since first engine, it happens when engine gets confused how to render. Always limit number of CSG brushes, less brushes mean less chance for engine to make mistake. Also for construction brushes at least 32 thickness (grid).

            For your CSG work:
            Do not construct your level like one would make building: separate brushes for walls, floors etc. Instead make whole rooms (or whole level) out of one big brush then cut from it. Making level your way for hollow cube you need 6 brushes, my way you need only 2. This is a lot less chance for engine (or you) to make mistake. Also if you insist on making separate walls, do a bit overlaping on them. This way you can be at least sure you do not have 2 surfaces that are almost coplanar, but slight positioning error causes HOM effect.


              And keep all vertex points on the grid.


                Thanks for all the help. It turned out to be the floor for some odd reason. I moved the floor down and the wall reappeared. The dark area in front on the first pic is actually a ramp down to the flag room which also seemed to have an impact on the hole. By moving the ramp, the hole would also reappear.

                Using these blocks is new for me. I've made numerous maps for the Battlefield series, which was a simple matter of manipulating the terrain and adding meshes and some customization of materials. This is a rather strange map and using Nawrot's method was fine for the interior rooms but for this area with two passages leading to an opening with opposing towers and a sunken flag room wasn't as practical.

                Now if I could just figure out how to keep the banners from being speckled, it would be finished.