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    General help/advice needed on editor

    UnrealEd 3 is the first of these sort of programs I have used and I have been playing around with it recently (... actually I blew around 12 hours getting absorbed yesterday :P) and I just have a few questions on things that I don't think were covered in the tutorial videos. Links to tutorial sites would be welcome and so would any advice.

    Terrain: Regarding the texture layers, beneath the heightmap one, how exactly does it work? I added in three or so textures for a test map and some cannot overlap eachother. So I noticed you can move them up or down in the list which I am assuming makes the ones higher up are the ones that overlap the other textures. However, moving them about causes some problems. The textures on the map change for one and when I put the texture back to where they were in the list, the name no longer corrseponds to the texture. Is that a bug or a 'feature'?

    Skydomes/boxes: How are they created? I have seen the UN_Sky package, but I cannot find a way to use them. I wound up copy and pasting a sky from a retail map to add in my test map... dirty cheap I know but needs must as the devil drives.

    Weather effects: Later on I wouldn't mind adding in some sunlight going thru trees, rain, sandstorm, etc into some outdoor maps. I have seen some of the retail maps with some of these effects and would just like to know how to make my own. Would making a new particle animation achieve the same effect or are there some rain/sunlight effects included in the editor?

    Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS I hope this thread is in the right place...

    Skydomes: To add a sky mesh, find the one you like and scale it up to fit your level. Copying from stock maps work too. You would notice from stock maps that the sky mesh is usually scaled up like almost 100X maybe more.

    Weather: Most weather/sun ray effects are done with static meshes. If you want to add rays going through trees and stuff, you can go find fog plane meshes to use for the rays. There are also rain static meshes in stock. If you want your rain to be more realistic, however (that is rain colliding with walls, and splashing off the ground), I suppose you can create the particle system for it.

    Terrain: I have never had to move terrain setup layers up or down so I don't know if that causes the problem you're having. For how textures work, usually the first layer would be the material applied to the terrain. Any materials below the first would be painted over the base layer using the paint tool. Hourences has a very good tutorial about terrains, as well as many other useful ones. May I suggest you check it out.


      Ah thanks I will have a look.