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Creating breakable objects(Crates, Doors etc)

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    Creating breakable objects(Crates, Doors etc)

    Hey Guys

    I am working on a single player total conversion for UT3, And I plan on having
    many breakable objects(Similar to crate objects in HL2).

    I have tried searching the web but that did not yield any relevant results.
    I have also tried to import pieces as skeletal meshes since from what I saw
    thats how the tanks and other destructible objects are constructed.

    I am downloading AGEIA's physX modkit, Maybe that would help.

    I would very much appreciate it if some one could help me with this.

    Thanks in advance

    PS - Just registed after browsing for a while, Great forum, Hope I contribute much to it.


    I have been searching the forums as well, does not seem like anyone has a definitive answer, but seems like an area ripe for inquiry.

    I will experiment some more, but if anyone has a lead that I could investigate, do let me know.

    Thank you


      Not sure if this will help or not. But I seem to remember reading something about breakable objects here: