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    Some random Unreal Ed Questions

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask a few questions.

    1. Is it possible to combine a whole bunch of static meshes into one static mesh, then use that static mesh as a mover? (Like an elevator or a tram sort of thing)

    2. I am making a night city map right now and I have a couple of flashy light static meshes in it. But the static mesh I'm most interested in is the tall green one that says "Tattoo". It has a light at the bottom and a light at the top which turn on then off at around a one second interval (I think). It is possible with Kismet to create a light that flashes off for one second, then back on for a second and so on?

    3. When using the "Geometry Mode" tool, when I try and make a ramp out of a cube (by dragging down one side of the cube so it looks a bit like this, /l ), after "adding" the cube to my map, it removes a long strip of my level, parallel to the brush I just added. I will hopefully get a picture of this up soon.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes. (either prefab or attach)
    I prefer to attach since that gives me more control over the parts of the "mover". Basically, you have a base mesh and hard attach all the other meshes to it. Then, whenever the base mesh moves, the others follow.

    2. Yes. (Pointlight.toggleable)
    All you then have to do is use Kismet to animate the switching on and off how you want.

    3. There is usually a problem like this when brushes cross each other. After positioning you brush you can use the deintersect tool, or
    on the brush you just created, if it has a planar side, select the vertices in clockwise (or anticlockwise direction, don't remember) and create a face. That should fix the other splitting faces.



      Yep number 3 sounds like you're moving 2 points on top of each other.
      It must retain it's 6 sided shape, so you need to interesct the brush with another brush to make it 3 sided.
      Or you can just move it so it has 1 point for each corner, and then the 4th point along the longest side of the triangle.


        Ah, thats great! Thanks a lot, I didn't think of using the toggleable point light for the sign. Instead, I was using a movable point light which didn't work out so well... and yeah. And with number 3, I was moving two points on top of each other so now I know not to do that.

        Thanks a lot.

        But now I have a new question. When I used to go to open packages in the "Environments" folder, they would be listed alphabetically, but now for some reason, they are listed by size. I can right-click in the window and go "Arrange > by name", but that only works once. As soon as I close the window and re-open it, the packages are listed by size again. It's really annoying because it never used to happen. And when I go to the "Environments" folder in just the windows explorer, the packages are listed correctly. Anyone got any ideas how to fix it?

        EDIT - After trying to make a flashing light with Kismet, I discovered that I have no idea how to do it. Could somebody please guide me in the right direction of making a light that turns off for one second, then turns on for one second and loops continuously please?





            Awesome! Thanks a lot Zoo, thats really helpful. But does anyone know why my packages in the "environments" folder are being arranged by size rather than by name?

            EDIT - Ok, so I set up the flashing light, but it's really hard to sync it in time with the sign. I even got a stop watch and measured the amount of time that the light stays on - and I got around .99 seconds, but then if I make the delay around one second, it's too fast. Is there a way I can find out the exact time the light stays on?


              Is this a stock static mesh? If it is a stock mesh, open it's material in the material editor and check the time/sine settings for it.

              Better yet, and I would do this if it's a stock mesh, I would just copy the flash expressions for the emission input and use that to create a lightfunction material to use with a point light. I would do away with a toggleable light altogether.


                Yeah, it is a stock mesh. I tried to open up it's material in the material editor, but the only time value I could find was 0.4. But maybe I didn't look hard enough. Is there a particular time/sine setting I should look for, because there was a few sine settings.

                I don't know if this affects anything, but the sign has two lights on it. One turns on when the other turns off. It kinda looks like this...

                l l (This narrow part should be lined up with the circles but for some reason it is snapping to the left)
                l l

                With lights in the bottom and top circles.

                So how would I go about creating a lightfunction material? I'll have a quick play around in the editor, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.



                  Originally posted by Foolsbry View Post

                  So how would I go about creating a lightfunction material? I'll have a quick play around in the editor, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

                  Hourences shows how to make a pulsating light here.


                    If by any chance the mesh you're talking about is the barricade mesh in the HU_Deco Package (that's the only stock mesh I know with alternating lights), I have actually used that mesh before, and I created the pulsing light function material for both flashes (with hourences help, of course). I still have the map if you want to have a look.

                    I'll look for the settings and post a pic of the material editor here in a bit.


                      So here is the material setup for the barricade lights.

                      The first image is for the first flash and the second is for the other.

                      You can do without the ceil expression to make it simpler. As you may notice the second pulse is like the first except it adds a value to the time.

                      Remember to check the box for UseAsLightFunction for the material, and both materials are set to MLM_Unlit.

                      Hope this helps, GL.


                        Ok cool, I'm going to try these out, thanks guys!