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Pulsating, Flickering?

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    Pulsating, Flickering?

    I have a few torch looking lights meshes, and want to add flickering or pulsating light, is this possible?

    You need Kismet and Matinee. I really hope it'd be easier too...

    Make a search. I found a small guide on the forums (use blinking or flickering, not sure what term was used).


      You don't need Kismet at all to get pulsing lights... Or at least depends on what you're trying to achieve.

      You can use materials to create the blinking of lights and duplicate the material as a light function to use with the light.
      Hourences has a good tutorial for making a pulsing material -

      The tutorial covers making one pulsing light. If you need two alternating pulsing lights, you should connect an "Add" to the sine in his screenshot, then connect the time to the lower node and a constant to the top of the add.
      The constant can control the speed of the pulse.

      If what you're trying to achieve is like random flicker, then I would use Kismet and matinee with the material instance actor. GL


        You can really go either way. I usually choose to use Matinee to control the light's brightness directly as it is quicker for me to set up and it gives you more fine control.


          as my bubject is the same i'll just add one question, no point in creating a new thread...

          if i want the flickering light inside a container(static mesh), how can i restrain the light options so that the light is not seen outside the container

          because a pulse that can be seen trough the steel of the container could indicate two things, a very good light, or a very bad container and in this case is not the desirable effect

          edit: i can be really stupid sometimes i just didn't have the lights built and i didn't noticed cause they're set to dynamic, so it was working but a little too much... sorry for the inconvinience...