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Is it possible to change lighting conditions?

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    Is it possible to change lighting conditions?

    I am working on a map that contains a scripted event that ideally will cause a change in lighting conditions for the outdoor area.

    Basically, I'd like to have one main lightsource that is switched off during the event.

    The problem is that the outdoor area is quite large so having one big dynamic sun light affecting all of the outdoor geometry is going to be a problem, isn't it?

    Is it possible to somehow script a switch between two different lightmaps for this outdoor stuff?

    Most of the outdoor area is just scenery - the only playable space is a bridge.

    Any tips?

    My immediate guess would be not having 1 light, but many switchable lights, that would all switch on/off on the same event trigger.
    It just wouldn't work with 1 huge light.


      Would be worth a try, but the lighting does need to change across the entire outdoor scenery I wonder if I could duplicate my 'skybox', light them both separately, then switch one out with the other at the scripted event?

      Same smeshes would be used, same materials, same textures. The only change would be lightmaps.


        Have you tried using a DirectionalLightToggleable and toggling it using a Toggle action in Kismet?