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switching to stationary camera

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    switching to stationary camera

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone tell me how can i change the default first person camera into a different view? I want something like a security camera, not following the player, just stationary looking into a room. I placed the camera in the room and fixed the viewing angle, but when my client connects onto the server, how do i actually switch to that camera?
    I know it sounds weird but its for an art project


    This is just a suggestion that may work... I never tried it so...
    You could add a trigger to your level and make it either a touch trigger or used trigger event that fires off what ever you're supposed to do with the camera.


      Or with Level Startup in Kismet, if the camera is meant to work like that the whole “match”. Although I’m not too sure if that'll work perfectly either...

      Not sure how to actually change the view. But would be a quite nice feature for single player mods and things such as you have. Be sure to share it here if you figure it out yourself.


        Use a Set Camera Target action with a Player variable attached to the Target and the Camera attached to the Cam Target. To switch back, use another Set Camera Target action with a Player variable attached to both.


          Thanx guys for all ur suggestions.

          ffejnosliw ur method works great. I will just have a trigger at the start of the level that activates the set camera target action, and switch to the other camera.

          Problem solved!