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    Kismet, Get Distance

    Well i know how to work the get distance command, however when adding variables to target A and B i want them to alter.

    I want to track the distance from one target to the other. However the targets (Meshes) appear at random sequences.


    Mesh 1 when hit causes Mesh 4 to play etc

    Scenario 2

    Mesh 5 plays, when hit causes Mesh 8 to play

    So i have a problem as the values of A and B are always changing, so i cannot simply link all the meshes to A and B. Anyone have any idea how i would track the distance for somethin like this?

    The way I would do it is to use Named Variables. You link one variable to the A input and set its VarName to Target1 and link another variable to the B input and set its VarName to Target2. Then you can use a Set Variable action with a NamedVariable that has its FindVarName set to Target1 connected to the Target input to set the value of the Target1 variable anywhere in your sequence. Something like this:

    The values of the original variable and all Named Variables with the same name will update with the new value automatically. It's a great way to keep things organized and makes it easy to do what you want to do.


      Thanks for your help, il try this out now