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Using Material Instance Constants

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    Using Material Instance Constants

    I have made one Material Instance Constant for a material I have been using on the rocks in my map. I'm trying to make the material not look as stretched since I had to scale the meshes up a lot.

    I was told I could do this using MIC's but I don't know how to set up how the material scales.

    If all you are trying to do is rescale the texture differently after changing the DrawScale on a staticmesh, for all staticmeshes using that Material, add a TexCoord to the UVs input node on the TextureSample and increase the tile resolution.

    However, if you are using Material Instances since you have varying DrawScales and you want to create multiple variations of the Material at different scales, you would use a VectorParameter and TexCoord connected to the A and B inputs of a Multiply, then connect the Multiply to the UVs input on the TextureSample.
    See the UN_Rock.SM.Materials.M_UN_Rock_BSP_Rock09 Material as an example of the parent Material.
    And in the child MIC, open the VectorParameterValues area, check the checkbox and modify the R value to change the scaling.