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Vehicle meshes and their usage in maps.

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    Vehicle meshes and their usage in maps.

    So, I got inspired, and now I'd need a static mesh of a Goliath to be placed in a map. Only things I can find are the skeletal meshes and damage statics. And some would need to be added as interpactors (movers), and only statics seem to be allowed...

    Is there a way to convert skeletals to statics? Or are there statics hidden somewhere?

    No one knows?

    Well then. Does someone know if anyone has made any custom tank meshes (or any other heavy vehicles for that matter) that have (at least almost) retail quality, and is possibly available in parts too (turret, body, treads/wheels, accessories, etc.)? And of course that its allowed to be used in maps.

    Although I could try making one myself, but the term “highpoly modeling” scares me a bit... Are highpoly things doable with Blender, with a reasonable workflow?

    But a ready static mesh would be good, as I'm only making a level...