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Making variables persist between Warfare rounds?

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    Making variables persist between Warfare rounds?

    Hi everyone-

    I'm trying to do some Kismet that I want to persist between Warfare rounds. Basically, I've got an action that sets a variable, and then I need another action to apply that variable on next round start. For example, Red team does a certain action in X amount of time, and then in the next round Blue team has X amount of time to do the same action. I already have the kismet actions that I need...I just can't figure out how to make the variable (it has to be an int) not reset between rounds.

    Just did a test with some triggers and a couple of set variable actions on an int variable and logged the values out to the screen.

    I found that if you set the variable in the first round it does carry over to the next round and the action that will use it at the start of the next round is the level reset action.


      Did you use an int variable or an ext. int variable? I can't seem to get mine to take :-(

      I should probably be more specific as to what I am using:

      I want the variable to be set on core destruction. The idea here is to force the other team into a specific time limit before overtime kicks in. From what I can tell, the Kismet action I have for setting the time works if I manually input a variable, but I'm having trouble getting my "Get Time" action to set the variable itself. I'm beginning to wonder if it's because I'm using an Onslaught_Node_Event that is applied to a team's core destruction to kick off the "Get Time" action...everything gets frozen when the core explodes (i.e. players and such)...maybe it applies to kismet actions as well?

      Then, at least, it would make sense as to why I keep calling a null variable...if it was frozen, the action would never set a variable to call in the first place!

      Hopefully I'm wrong


        Unfortunately, I was right...

        It seems that trying to have Kismet do anything triggered by core destruction does not occur because of the underlying code for the core destruction. However, I found another way to do what I need to do. Thanks for the insight!