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Pickup gets attached to mesh

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    Pickup gets attached to mesh

    Hi guys!

    I'm having this problem which is bugging me. I'm trying to place a ctf flag on a rock mesh, but the flag always gets attached to the rock when building paths and ends up hovering mid air, which is not really what I want. How can I fix this? Is there any way to make it stop trying to make an attachment? I looked at the attachment section in the properties, but that didn't seem to help.

    Will be thankfull for any help!

    I'm still having the same problem.. Someone else has probably encountered this problem before.. Any ideas?


      Well, in my experience, it probably has to do with the rock mesh's collision.

      Depending on where on the surface you put the flag, it will stand on where is flat enough (if you hit C in your view port, you can view collisions). This happens to me with pickups/weapons.

      If you really have to use the rock mesh to put the flag on, what I generally do is set the mesh to not colliding and use a blocking volume.
      If your rock mesh is big, I would suggest using a relatively smaller mesh with a flat side, there are a couple, I believe.

      This is what I experienced though. Good Luck.