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    Score and Velocity

    Hi guys i found a get velocity action in kismet. I wondered if there was a similar action that would allow me to measure the time it took to do something.

    For example i have a number of targets the user has to hit, i want to calculate the time it takes to hit each one.

    So once one has been hit emit that time, then start at zero and then once the other target has been hit emit the time again.

    So in the end i should get a list of times.

    Hope this isnt too confusing, any help appreciated

    That is exactly what the Timer action does. It outputs the time (in seconds) between when the Start and Stop inputs are triggered into a Float variable.


      Argg i was hoping you wouldnt say that. I have been working with this timer, but i can never get it to display. I connect the out to a log yet still nothing.

      I have a trigger on a mesh so once it takes damage the timer starts. Im having problems where i should make the timer stop. It starts when it takes damage, i suppose i could set it so when the target drops or rewinds in the matinee sequence it could stop. I assume the timer is only logged and siplayed once it stops?

      For some reason i can never get it displayed. Any ideas


        You can log the value of the variable connected to the Timer action any time you want. All you have to do is connect the Float variable to the Float link of the Log action (which means you have to expose the Float link of the Log action first) and activate the Log action.



          Touching the trigger starts the timer, touching the trigger again stops the timer.

          The time between the two touches of the trigger is displayed on the screen with the log.

          The time between the start and stop of the timer is held in the float under the timer.


            Many thanks, adapted it and it now works thanks! Timer is sorted. I wondered if there was a command in kismet like scoring? Similar to when you kill a bot you get 1 added. I no you can log this which i already have, but i wondered if this was possible say if a mesh was hit 1 would be added to score?