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Zone Info - HOW ACTIVATE? DVD Bonus Not terrain?

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    Zone Info - HOW ACTIVATE? DVD Bonus Not terrain?

    Hi guys....I am trying really hard.

    The DVD bonus Zac said in one of the lessons, that he would explain about Terrain Editing in future lesson, I didn t find in DVD. Did I miss any lesson? or really does not have lesson teaching about Terrain Mode?

    Then I tried learn by link


    I am not sure if the above tutorials are for Unreal 3.

    I am TRYING put a "info node" where the tutorail above say

    To enable terrain in this cube, it needs to be a TerrainZone. You need a ZoneInfo for this. Open the Actor Class Browser, expand Info and then select ZoneInfo

    but it is gray, therefore I cant add that actor.

    There any way I can Turn ON the info node? or it is inside of which pack?

    thanks in advance

    Those tutorials will not help with UT3. Try this:


      Great website that one....

      thanks Mate