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Convert No_Collision to Collisions and Package save

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    Convert No_Collision to Collisions and Package save

    Hey there. I have searched and read through lots of postings and am still having issues.
    I am using HU-Building_SM_TypeA_Gate01 but it is a No_collison version. After reading a bit from the forum, I unchecked UseSimpleBoxCollision and UseSimpleLineCollision within the Static Mesh editor. When i close the static mesh editor i get UT3 Error: can' open file '..\UTGame\Config\UTStaticMeshEditor-layout.xml' (error5: access is denied)

    Although is seems to work fine but when i went to close out the editor itself, I get the followig message:
    The package 'HU_Building_TypeA' has been changed and needs to be saved, but is not fully loaded. Do you want to fully load it. YES: Fuly load the package and save it. NO: Skip saving this package only. CANCEL: Stop saving all packages and return to the editor.

    I don't save at this point because it causes problems with the package when you try opening it least from what i understand thus far. I did have to reinstall to get it to work again at one point and really don't want to have to do that again.
    I tried following what was mentioned for saving a new package and whatnot but nothing seems to be working.
    When i right click the static mesh, the following are grayed out and cant be used: Export, Duplicate, Rename, Delete, Delete with references.

    I think i covered what i can recall...any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I have been trying hard here but just cant get it...maybe i am just missing/overlooking something.

    Thanks in advance,


    #2 the grayed out area i was able to access buy following

    was able to create a package, duplicate to this new package, saved it, did not save the i cant open the just crashes the editor...did not want that to happen again...
    Not sure exactly what i am missing/doing incorrectly...hope to figure it out soon otherwise i am stuck as far as creating this map...

    (moments later)...
    somewhere along the way an Environments folder was created in My Game\UT3....\Unpublished and it contained the HU_Building_TypeA.upk. I deleted that file and am now able to open the map again. So confused lol