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    Trim Texturing

    I'm having problems with texturing and thought it's about time i asked for help. This was the example i found and it is similar to what i planned for the texturing.

    How would i apply the wooden beams to the edges of the walkways. There must be a simple way to do it but i've failed to find it so far. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Also if you know of any other texturing tutorials, from basic to advanced, then please give me links.


    Ok so i poked around inside some HOLP maps and found that its just a brush added with no collision model. I have another question now. Is it possible to export or use any of the textures in a published map? I really like the Subterrane textures but i can't see any obvious way to use them. Also , if it IS possible to use someones textures, do original artists\mappers mind?

    Finally are there any texture packs available?

    I would think since the game is so new that you should have no problem getting a hold of any of the mappers your interested in there work/textures and asking them for permission.

    I'm sure they would not mind. It's when ppl take things from other mappers/modders without asking and giving no credit to them when bad feeling come into play....some things are simple and no big deal but others things are quite complicated and may not seem a big deal to you or me but means alot to them.

    Do the right thing and just ask.

    Hope that helps.


      I think those "wooden beams" are just BSP brushes. Epic uses that trick a lot to add trim to BSP.


        Dude, 1of all, nice textures. 2nd this is unreal 3 right? detailing is maid mostly by static meshes. Do it like this, Model the beams, texture them and all thatthen apply them to a face with a brickwall texture attached to it. No ot wont get heavy on your system.