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How do I add glow effect to an object

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    How do I add glow effect to an object

    Hi, Im new at this mapping stuff(Still playing around in the editor, adding stuff to see how it works etc.) and I have a, hopefully, simple question

    Im adding the UN_Cave.SM.Mesh.S_UN_Cave_SM_Crystal to my map, but it looks dull, so I wanted to make the crystals glow, but I have no idea how to do that

    Any help would be appreciated


    In the material editor you need to send out something to the emissive channel. That channel allows an area [through a mask or an image] to appear to be emitting light.

    Simply double click the material in the browswer to get to the material editor. From there I'd definitely recommend reading some tutorials on how the material editor works.


      Try what Aumni suggested first.It's the best way imo.If you cannot figure that out or do not the like the effect then you can put the light in the mesh and turn off cast shadows in the crystal mesh props.Another lesser alternative might be to throw a spotlight on it,but I wouldn't go crazy with them.


        Aumni is right, here's exactly how to do it

        1. double click that crystal material you want to use (and want to change)
        2. hold ctrl+alt and drag a box around ALL the boxes inside the material editor.
        3. press ctrl+c to copy
        3a. Make a mental note (or write down) of what nodes are connected to what on the main left hand box (usually one is connected to Normal, Diffuse, Specular etc)
        3b. at the bottom, check to see if it's Additive or Transparent as these settings are not copied.
        4. close that, right click the browser and do New Material
        5. Set the package to be the same as your map name (e.g. DM-xxx)
        6. Go to that package and double click the new material if it didnt open already
        7. do ctrl+v to paste
        8. Connect the lines up as in the original, and set to Additive (most likely for that see through material)
        9. To make it glow brighter - Something is probably already connected to Emissive - that is the amount of glow.
        - You need to add a Multiply box and a 3 way constant box.
        - Connect the 3 constant box to the right input of the Multiply box.
        - Connect an obvious colour or one of the original boxes to the other right input.
        - Connect the left multiply to where ever that box was connected
        - Change the numbers of the RGB constants to something like 10, or even 50 - it should glow very bright.


          AWESOME!!! thnx alot for the help.

          I think my main problem was that I didn't know what material the crystal was using (because i was not looking, coz it was rather obvious).

          And in the process I even learned that the crystal mesh had 2 materials, and adding a material in the properties (under rendering) to the [0] materials only changed one of the materials and not the bottom rock material (which has to me [1] material) sweet

          thnx alot for the help.

          Now if you could only help me with a Slow volume that affects projectiles aswell (so far I can only make it slow down myself (havent tried bots yet but they should work fine i reckon)

          /Rod, Denmark