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Need some help with my map!

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    Need some help with my map!

    Hey guys, I have some questions about things that I want to put into a map I'm making. This map my final project for a level design class I'm taking at school right now, and need it to be as refined as I can make it in the next few weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Q1: I remember seeing a post with a Kismet SS of how to make an AI controlled vehicle(Walker in this case) patrol the map and fire on players it sees. I was wondering how this is done, if it's different for a flying vehicle, and if anyone could post a larger version of that SS that I saw. I'm still learning how to use Kismet right now, and really only know the basics of it and matinee.

    Q2: UT3 has a human skeleton model. I was wondering how I would go about putting these into the level without them being standing up straight. I'd preferably like to add them in with the ragdoll phys. attached to them, I just have no idea how to do that.

    Q3: Ok, last question I think How would I go about using a trigger volume to trigger an event when someone is standing within it, but stop once there's nobody in it anymore. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I haven't been able to figure it out so far

    Thanks for reading. Any help, like I said, would be greatly appreciated.

    The trigger volume would work just like a trigger volume for a door. Have you setup a trigger volume to control a door before?

    What exactly do you want that volume to do?

    And for the record your lucky you get to use the new engine for your level design classes My college feels that and I quote this directly from them "Unreal Engine 3 is not a significant enough of a change to switch to the new engine". So I have to use 2k4 engine for all my level design classes!

    I guess normal, spec maps, additive world, console development for PS3, material editors and kismet were not enough.... right...


      I haven't messed with doors or lifts yet. I know the basics of a lift though. I'll look at a few trigger tutorials then, just wasn't sure if doors were volumes or just plain triggers. Thanks for letting me know.

      And ouch man, ouch. I got into my first class this quarter and noticed that my school just added a lot of programs and upgrades, as well as 2 new PC labs, which is awesome. We finally got Max9, ZB3.1, Modo, UT3, Oblivion, and another editable game that I'm currently forgetting... Some RTS I think.


        Lucky lol thats awesome.

        Yeah the trigger volumes are pretty easy, all you really have to do is link them to the door or event.

        Don't know why I never thought of this earlier but heres a link to my website with one of my maps. It uses trigger volumes to open and shut doors.

        Heres a link to some of the best Kismet tutorials ive found so far.


          Awesome man. The idea I had was actually similar to what you pulled off in Fragpipe. Im gonna poke around with that in the next couple days. Thanks for the help.


            Glad to help