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MX-292 "Hellion" AXON's Prototype Flamethrower Mod [WIP] Questions Thread

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  • MX-292 "Hellion" AXON's Prototype Flamethrower Mod [WIP] Questions Thread

    I decided to take a step back with the Aliens Weapons for a moment to focus on a single weapon that's been repeatedly asked for.

    I am currently Modelling it, Unfinished Screens (loosely based off of the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines' Flamer):

    Here are some Early UV Mapping screens.


    The way this thing's going to work is as follows:

    Primary Fire: Standard Flamethrower, flames should be able to sweep around corners like the Unreal2 flamethrower and any dynamic target should catch fire for 2-3 seconds per second (cumulative) exposed to the flame and take continuous damage for the duration. Persons who touch burning objects should take minor burn damage. Most vehicles will take minimal or no damage from the primary fire, it's just not hot enough to deal sufficient damage to metal.

    Secondary Fire: I ran through a ton of ideas for this. A short (1/2-3/4 the length of Link Shaft) blue flame will jet out from the front of the Flamethrower like a huge welding torch. Touching the actual flame will deal a LOT of damage and will also instantly ignite targets for 5-10 seconds.

    Furthermore, this weapon will deal significant damage to vehicles and should just about outright destroy the fragile structure of a Manta or Viper on contact with the open flame. This will burn massive ammo quickly.

    Lastly, there will be a small LED temperature readout (a series of Green, Yellow, and Red Bars). If the flamethrower gets too hot, it could rupture the nozzle, effectively exploding the weapon and more than likely would roast the user alive, if the explosion alone didn't kill them....

    So, it will:

    Sound a warning when it reaches the red area.

    A) Automatically shut down fire until sufficiently cooled (in the green). (85% chance, the technology's good, but still a prototype and is prone to the occassional malfunction)

    B) Explode, dealing massive AOE damage and engulfing the user (and anyone near them, friend or foe) in a huge fireball. (15% chance)

    Anyways, it's in the works I just don't know a thing about coding weapons, so any help or a shove in the right direction would be the shizzle.....

    Doubting this will be out within the week, like I originally planned, but it's being worked on.

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    This is probably a good place to start.


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      geeze Shade... your creations cease to amaze me .

      maybe you should also check out the UnrealScript section of these forums... not sure whats there, but im sure you're bound to find SOMETHING.

      good luck!


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        Thanks guys, the model is finished, I'm just starting to put together the UV maps... Once it's looking pretty I'll start figuring out the coding, so I may have a Beta out within the next couple days.

        Finished Model Pix:



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          Hey shade how'd you come up with such a funny signature

          "He who dies with the most toys, still dies... and I steal their toys."

          It cracked me up. It's awesome!


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            LOL, just thought it up when I was trying to figure out what my sig should be.


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              I added some updated pictures on the progress and slightly altered the OP.

              As you can see, I just started making the UV maps and got a color scheme I am comfortable with. Originally, I was trying to stay away from red, since the Rocket Launcher is the huge red beast out of the weapons, but it just deserves to be red, since it's going to vomit fire all over the place. lol...

              I do have some questions for any Blender artists that have done weapons, or any 3D artist that may know:

              The tutorial I followed above was for 3DS Max, which I don't have and haven't used.

              In a part of the tutorial, he uses "Dummy" objects for the Weapon and Muzzle Flash locations and these are *required* to represent the Bones for the animations. Well, okay I sorta get that, but Blender doesn't have "Dummy" objects. I put "Empty" Objects in and am hoping that they are supposed to be the same thing. Anyone know if these are one in the same and just called different things?

              Also, the tutorial makes absolutely NO mention of what type of object that UE3 needs for weapon models. It just says "Export the model and then import it into the editor." Well, that's great, but what format am I exporting? What do I need to import the object as?

              It's an okay tut, but is slowly becoming an annoyance. A more informative tutorial would be nice. Like, how many frames should each animation be? Is there support for additional custom animations? Are there other names set aside for these actions, for example: Idle (If I want the flame to flicker slightly), or Reload (in case I want a person to have to occassionally change tanks)?

              There's good info, but it kinda leaves you with just as many questions as it has answers...

              If things keep at this rate, the mod won't be out until I get my hands on the Mastering Unreal Books and get a full-on immersion into every possible aspect that's available, then picking out the parts I will actually need.


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                It's be nice if someone responded from time to time, or I'll assume there's absolutely no interest in it and therefore no point in releasing it to the public. Either way it goes in my portfolio, so not really my loss....


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                  nice weapons cant wait...hope it makes it to my ps3


                  • #10
                    it's not going to make it to any platform anytime soon if I can't get those answers.


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                      I know nothing about making new weapons, but if you don't get a reply from some one who does, all I can suggest is the UT weapon design tutorials on the 3D Buzz site.

                      It is for an older version of UT but a lot of it might be the same and you might find your answers.


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                        Well, I'd also like to know if it's possible to export a weapon model from UT3 to import into Blender?

                        It's not that I wanna change the weapon, I just wanted to use the Stinger as a way to get the scaling right on the weapon before exporting, so there'll be no toying with the scaling options in the engine. Less work for me later, when I could be focusing that energy into making the weapon work.

                        I'm about 75% finished with the model's UVW maps and should have a few updated pics soon of the finished model. After that, I just need to make the animations and it'll be ready for export/import and coding.


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                          Well, I'm now officially stuck.

                          I have the model and animations done well enough to at least start coding for a Beta release, but..... the only tutorial that got posted tells me to, and I quote,"Ok using the shown actorx setting we now save the anim set and mesh." But, it's in 3ds MAX and I am using Blender.

                          I have no idea what the heck I am supposed to export the mesh as or how to do it (since I have no clue on what type of export script I should be looking for)....

                          Others have made weapons (ala Ripjack), so why is there no answer?


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                            While looking through the beta releases, I saw this post:
                            about a blender psk exporter.
                            Have you looked at any blender sites? Since there doesn't seem to be many custom weapon models at all, you may be the one of a few using blender, and it might pay to look elsewhere.


                            • #15
                              Thanks, but no one anywhere seems to know much, if anything, about this.

                              That PSK exporter does not work at all what-so-ever. It may help if someone could translate half of that thread for me because I cannot understand half of whatever that person is trying to say.

                              I tried extracting the .py script into every possible combination of paths, but I still have yet to see any option anywhere in blender that allows me to export either one of the file types.