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Making Custom Characters in Maya?

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    Making Custom Characters in Maya?

    I've tried to search through the 100's of pages of questions and tutorials and havent found anything im wondering if you can make your custom character in Maya and then export it somehow into Ued?

    I know Epic Games mainly uses 3DS Max which makes it kind of difficult but I'd love to learn how to get my character Anaberry in.

    I'd want to change it a bit and add armor and a bit more muscle but yeah, after all the tweaking and changing i want to get my mesh into UT3 and have NO clue how, can any of you point me in the right direction?

    A fellow lost Maya user!

    I recommend this video, which I just found:

    Great artwork, BTW.


      wow nice scary model !

      cant wait to have in game
      are you same person in JA "Psyk0Sith" ??


        Check this thread below. You could either read through all the pages or just check the first link posted - should get you started.