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    PS3 Development

    I wanted to share some of the knowledge that I have gained with working with both PC & PS3 in regards to mapping. A few issues that I have come across and what I did to fix them and make the perform correctly. The PC by far is the easiest to work with and I encountered very small issues when producing FragPipe2k8.

    However when starting down this path to produce content for the PS3 errors sprang up. Thanks to the help of AnubanUT2 these errors were brought to my attention. So after buying a PS3 so that I could do some internal testing I came across some interesting differences which in entirety are minor but mappers cooking their maps for PS3 should keep in mind.

    1: Custom sounds do not cook properly and do not work on PS3. The reason for this is PS3 uses a it's own sound codex that will not allow for custom sounds. The sounds and music that ship with UT3 is all you get at this current time. They might fix this in a patch you never know but I would think thats not likely.

    2: Certain Kismet code does not work on PS3. The one that I found that does not carry over to PS3 is the level start function. Now I am not saying it does not work at all, it may indeed work in some cases. However in my FragPipe map it would not toggle the Post Process volume off. This volume causes the blur effect of the gas in the Pipe that suffocates the player to death. The work around for this was pretty simple if you want the volume to be off at level start open it's properties and set benable to false, that way when you uses a trigger it will turn on.

    3: Lighting on PC is brighter than lighting on PS3, so it's ok to bump up the lighting a little more for PS3.

    That's really all I have at this time. I will add to this post when I find more differences. Again not everything is 100% fact it's just based on errors I ran into when testing my map on PS3. Hope this helps anyone who is cooking maps for PS3 users. I highly suggest testing maps on PS3 extensively; so if you do not have a PS3 find a PS3 buddy lol.

    If anyone who's cooking maps wants me to take a run though of your map on PS3 let me know and I would be happy to help with all of your testing. I would also recommend AnubanUT2.