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Locked assets.

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    Locked assets.

    I was just wondering why all the assets in the retail version of the editor are locked?

    You can't duplicate or rename anything in the packages so if you want to move say a material, emitter or static mesh to your map package to edit it you have to do a work around command.

    You can't export textures, sounds, terrain or static meshes out of the editor to alter in another program or use as a reference for modeling. Although there is a work around for getting the textures.

    Work flow was so much easier with the UT2004 editor. With the UT3 editor some things have been made complicated at best and impossible at worst.

    Right click on the folder for the assets in windows then click properties then un check read only. When you are done I like to put it back to read only that way I can't change something be mistake.