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    timed particles

    Hey guys Im just having a play with Cascade UEDs particle editor and ive go tmy particle to work and it looks good BUT i would like to have it timed so that it goes of every 20 secs or so can someone help me do this please it would be much appreciated

    i guess no knows then of well i will try and figer it out


      It depends on how you want the emitter to work.

      If you want to spawn a whole bunch of particles all at once (or burst) every 20 seconds, you can do the following:

      EmitterDuration = 20
      SpawnRate = 0
      BurstList->[0]->Count=# of Particles to spawn all at once

      If you want to spawn a certain amount of particles for a certain amount of time and then wait 20 seconds to do that again, you can do the following:

      EmitterDuration = # of seconds to spawn for
      SpawnRate = # of Particles to spawn each second
      EmitterDelay = 20

      All these properties are in the RequiredModule which can be found by clicking on the Particle Emitter's module (i.e., the very top one).