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    Foliage Volume & Meshes

    I wanted to create a scene were a spacecraft has crash landed on the surface of some Planet.

    Were the craft crashes, I wanted to paint the debri of the craft all over the site, so it looks like it got ripped apart and is now just a heap of smoking debri all around the crash site.

    I understand I have to use the The Foliage Volume tools, but what I'm having trouble with is the identification of the damage components the game uses.

    In other words, when you start shooting at a Cicada for example, bit's and pieces of it fall off until gradually it's destroyed and the husk/shell of the craft lingers for a little while then disolves into thin air.


    I guessing that if there painted on as foliage then they won't dissolve, but if they do....

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...

    I didnt look at how it is setup myself but my guess would be that the debri is most likely a kasset (skeletal mesh with a physics asset using rigid body physics), and/or mesh emitters.

    So if thats the case you may not be able to do what you want with it.

    As for the dissolving, that is just a material effect driven through script. So it certainly wont automatically dissolve after you place it in the map, you just need to insure that it is using the correct material.


      Well I found this much out...

      For the VehiclePieces we know they are only StaticMeshes
      // and that StaticMesh is stored in the SkelControl_Damage so when we spawn one of these we call SetGibStaticMesh( Mesh )

      Now if only I knew what the hell all that meant.... o.0


        Just look for the meshes in the Generic Browser. They won't 'dissolve'.