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Converting a map from subtractive to additive with custom content

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    Converting a map from subtractive to additive with custom content

    Ok, so I've just realised how much better an additive layout is over a subtractive layout (faster build time, more flexible outdoor scenes, etc.), but my map is full of custom materials and static meshes, so I can't simply copy and paste the layout into a new map, without losing half the meshes and materials. I have tried exporting the entire package, but upon re-import it only imports the textures and sounds (no meshes, materials, sound cues or interpactors). The editor also won't let me save a duplicate of my package because it is a map file. Is there a way I can convert my map or get all this stuff into a new additive map?

    One way I found to do this is to right click your custom material, static mesh etc. in your level package and rename. You need to create a new package for all your custom stuff so make the package name say "hold". Do the same for all the materials and static meshes etc because they may be referenced to each other. Select your new package in the list and at the top of the browser window do file save.

    Open your new map (if you dont save the original it keeps all your stuff) load your new package if it isn't there and rename all your custom content again to your new maps name.

    Now you can copy and paste the layout of your map without getting a reference error when it asks to save it.

    Don't forget to copy and paste all your Kismet sequences into your new map.


      You can do it all manually, piece by piece, but there may be a chance to make it easier.

      Only difference between additive and substractive is that huge brush. So try to find it and delete then replace by smaller one created by you. I read in some topic here that is possible to select that brush, if so should be possible to edit/delete it.


        Thanks, I'll ty some of these ideas tonight.


          Is this Subtractive map a large outdoor map or a smaller indoor map?
          You shouldn't have to move anything to a new map file.

          If you are trying to "convert" a map from Subtractive to Additive:

          Make a backup of the map file first in case anything goes wrong.

          For larger outdoor maps, just select and delete the massive world size cube, and the first large subtraction brush you created to "hollow" out your world area.

          For smaller indoor maps, simply select the massive world size cube, go into Geometry mode, vertex edit it to just slightly larger than the size of the rest of your play area. Rebuild geometry. Select all of the outer cube faces and set them to Accept Lights, Accept Dynamic Lights and Force Lightmap = False. If you like you can also set Lightmap Resolution = 65536. Apply the Material EngineMaterials.BlackUnlitMaterial.