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Invisible Blocking Volume? Strangest UED problem I've ever had.

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    Invisible Blocking Volume? Strangest UED problem I've ever had.

    There is no short version so please bare with me.

    I have a small corner of my level that was built and playing perfectly many weeks ago.I have since worked on many other areas of the map,but not going near that area in particular.Well recently after doing some play testing,I found myself walking on top of what I guess I will call an "invisible blocking volume" because that's the best way to describe it.

    Now if u look at my UED and game shots u will see I am walking on air yet
    there is no blocking volume in that place.The shots are here.

    There's 4 or 5 on the top of that page.

    Now here's what I've tried.

    Open my level,select all blocking volumes,delete,rebuild,and it's still there. The thing is,is there NEVER was any volume in that particular place anyhow so I am really tripping on it.Hard to fix what I cannot see.

    Also I deleted my terrain out of the level for troubleshooting since it was a few feet near the problem area.Now if u look at the pics,there's only a few BSP's in the area so wth could it be?I have not messed with of the collision properties of any of those items.

    Ok heres something else you may need to know.There must be something there because a path node and a lift exit nearby always sit 6 ft into the air after a build when I know they were sitting 2 or 3 ft off of the ground when I hit the build button.They are directly in the area where the magical "I'm gonna ruin your friggin day volume" is located.

    Anyway I do not even know where to begin to solve this,except to start yanking stuff,which I've tried to some degree already.

    Thank you in advance for your time,efforts,and/or ANY input.

    Hmm, if I had to guess, some things are being misplaced, have you perhaps applied any scaling numbers other then 1.0000 to any BSP/CSP, because I think that allways freaks everything up...


      No sir,but I will surely run around checking the props of all of my meshes and BSP in the nearby areas.

      I also included a screenshot with collision toggled on in UED and there's nothing showing in that area at all. uggh


        me and my friend are having the same problem sinse we have copied our custom bunker into a level :S ,, help ?


          If you are using CSG Brushes in your map then you probably have what is called an invisible collision hull.
          This occurs when the CSG Geometry Build function adds incorrect triangles into the collision hash.
          You can often spot them in some of the other view modes as slices through the CSG surfaces.
          There are many CSG tutorials on how to track them down and remove them, check out Hourences and AngelMapper's sites and the UnrealWiki at BU.
          The best thing to try is changing the brush order for that section of the map.


            That ramp in upper left corner. It is custom mesh? Check its collision box, it does not display any collison on pictures. Anyway UED sometimes messes things, i had case of "warning: unreal editor only referneced actor" in my map, it was jumping from one actor to another, I deleted everything to bare CSG and I could not get rid of it.

            Try "looking for elephant in africa" algorithm: delete half of map check if error is still there. then delete remaining half of half of map and so on. 5-6 steps should be enough to find offending elephant.



              Thanks for the help guys.

              Here's what happened.I used one of my duplicated additive cylinders to make a shape similar to a cylinder.Well I had one vertex left over that I deleted.Do not do this.It completed erased that poly.I didn't pick up on this because it was butted against another brush and never seen in game.

              Well that severely screwed the collision props of that brush up.Even with collision toggled on it never showed the true collision (which was spraying in all types of awkward directions) of that brush.

              I replaced the brush and all is fine now.I reviewed my geo modifiers vtm again and learned the proper way to to do what I should have done prior.

              Do not delete vertices even though it looks as if there are no consequences at the time.The advanced geo edit modes are there for a reason.

              This has happened to me once before by reshaping blocking volumes also.If u mess them too much it really throws their collision accuracy off.