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Powercores start at 0?

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    Powercores start at 0?

    Figured out all the basics and went to check my map out, but quickly realized that both cores started at 0.

    I went ahead and removed all the bots and capped nodes leading to the enemy core just to take a few shots at it, but it did nothing.

    What's up with that?

    I musta missed something....

    EDIT: It must have glitched, cuz it's working now.

    It will show zero if you play test in the editor. In the game it will read 100.


      Yeah, I figured that, but then I started it up in game and it did it again... I think it just glitched cuz the editor wasn't closed when I started the game...

      Closed the editor and tried again and it worked.

      Oh well, guess I should close the editor when I test it in-game, lol...

      Just wanted to grab some screens but that was weird...