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Can you export a group of meshes and brushes.

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    Can you export a group of meshes and brushes.

    Hello I'm new to editing with ut3 or any unreal editor for that matter.
    I have done some editing in Radiant for the Quake 2,3,4.
    For the life of me I can't seem to find a way to export a group of meshes like a prefab.

    Also how do you change the auto save feature I want to turn it off.

    Still learning the editor and I think that will take some time.
    Been looking at the maps that came with the game and I wonder if anyone that beta tests these maps has done any map making as I see lots of little errors and some rather big ones in things like textures missing and over lapping model meshes that cause z buffer affects. One of them is in the main base of war map torlan don't know how they could of missed a big mistake like that.
    Makes me think this game was rushed more than it should of been.

    Yes you can, it took me a good while to figure this out the other day. Thankfully I found a tutorial from way back in the day from the original Unreal or the original UT. You can only make "pre-fabs" or custom brushes of additive geometry. I'm all new to UnrealEd but this is how I've been doing it.

    -Start a new level with additive rather than subtractive
    -Create your "pre-fab"/custom brush you want to save as you would
    -Take a standard brush and resize it so that it surrounds and encompasses your "pre-fab"
    -Hit Intercept and you should now have a brush that is in the shape of your "pre-fab"....the shape should be in red outlines
    -Go up to Brush at the top and Export it out
    -Whenever you need that brush, import it in using the same Brush menu

    Note: When I import, the shape won't show until I move the brush in the editor.


      Thanks for the info on saving a brush I will have to try that.

      I found out last night that if you select as many meshes and brushes that you want and then hit file save selected you can save them to a file and pull them pack into any map. Thus a prefab

      Anyone know how to turn off out save?


        Originally posted by Bill_Brooks View Post

        Anyone know how to turn off out save?
        Bottom right hand corner of the editor is a little floppy disk icon. Next to that is a drop down box to set the time interval and between the two is a tick box that you can untick to turn it off.