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Warfare tutorials?

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    Warfare tutorials?

    I just decided to change my rather large VCTF map into a Warfare map instead.

    Problem is, I have no idea what to do with the Power Cores and Nodes.

    I dunno how to define which team a Core belongs to.

    I have no clue how to turn off Weapon Lockers, Pickup Factories, and Vehicle Factories until activated by a Power Node.

    How can I make custom node names?

    And where is the Orb Factory?

    I've been looking for some guidance, but all I get from the community so far is "Make this a Warfare map" but no clues HOW to do it.

    Is there absolutely no documentation on this and if so, how the hell did the other people make their warfare maps?

    I've looked at the stock maps for hours only to find that it doesn't help to look at anything you can't understand to begin with.

    So far all I know how to do is set up the Link Setup, but what about everything else?

    Kantham made a basic WAR tutorial guide

    should help get you started.

    I my self am doing a WAR map, so far this has helped but stumped on the kismet half it all.


      Thanks a lot, that's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.


        This thread shows how to do stand alone nodes and ones that are already built etc.


          Yeah I already knew how to do link setups, I just wasn't sure about how to assign vehicles and weapon lockers, etc. to Nodes. I just needed to know if they were automatically linked to the node or not.


            check out this utility that a friend made:

            its a warfare map prototype.