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Exporting Terrain from UEd3

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    Exporting Terrain from UEd3

    Can terrain created in the Unreal Editor be exported to be used as reference in Max or Maya? I've tried building all geometry and then selecting the terrain and exporting selected as .obj, but neither Max nor Maya will open the .obj from Unreal. It gives me an error about a command it doesn't understand.

    Thanks in advance.

    You can try exporting as .stl in UnrealEd, but if the terrain is large it will crash.

    The best is probably to do this:
    In the Terrain Edit dialog, select the Heightmap line in the list and click on the Export button. This exports an Unreal G16 .bmp file. This is a custom file type, not a regular windows .bmp.
    You can then convert this to a .stl mesh file using HMCS, link to my site with HMCS in my sig.
    You probably will have to flip the faces in the 3D app depending on its stl import filter.
    There are a few issues with the .obj in HMCS so don't use that. I will be fixing that in the new HMES software when it is released.