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How to make Bots use the VolumePathnodes properly? + Some other path problems

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    How to make Bots use the VolumePathnodes properly? + Some other path problems

    In my VCTF-Dune map I have a lot of flying vehicles, 3 for each team (2 Raptors and 1 Cicada) and a single Fury (hidden somewhere that's currently inaccessible to the bots).

    My only problem is that I set up some VolumePathnode Actors (the apples with the wings, lol) in a curve up to a decent height, then set up pathing almost like you would do for the normal PathNode Actors.

    My only problems right now are the following:

    1) The only flying vehicle that the bots will ever get into is the Cicada, but they often hop right back out of it, jump off the roof of the building it's on and go on foot.

    2) They refuse to ever get into a Raptor even if they are standing right next to it.

    3) 99% of the time, they run past every vehicle they pass and then take the absolute longest way around the outskirts of the map. Dunno what the hack is going on there.

    4) I have to often play with 32 bots to get any of them to actually attack the enemy base. usually 3/4+ of the team stands at various places in the base, guarding. Is there a way to make the bots more aggressive? It's really lame when I have 16 bots on the enemy team and 12-13 of them are guarding the flag and another 12-13 of them standing around my flag.

    I do have a theory about this, but am unsure of if I am right.

    There is no items outside of the base areas. My theory is that they are concentrated around the areas where there are the most items and some of these problems will get sorted out as I add more and more items further from the bases. Seems logical enough, but is it right?

    Press P to show the paths, then review the paths between the VolumePathNodes. Paths are only generated between VolumePathNodes if the cylinders around the VolumePathNodes intersect. Optimum cylinder sizes seem to be determined based on available room, but it seems a bit random whether they prioritize height or width. Let's just say that I often have a different idea of "optimum"...


      There is a weight setting in pathnodes, not sure which way you go to increase/decrease influrence for bots selecting paths, but if I had to guess then using the weight setting you could make bots select certain routes more then others, still I don't know about the air nodes, perhaps the network isn't tight enough and the pathing is not connecting the nodes correctly, that'd be my guess.


        Wow, now that was easy. Can't thank you enough!


          Thanks, I think I may have the bot pathing sort of fixed.

          I'm not seeing much improvement with the weight setting though, they still really dislike the Raptors for some reason.