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    Remaking old maps

    I know you shouldn't do a remake without asking the permission of the original author... but what's the deal with official UT maps?

    I think technically the EULA for UEd says, regardless, that all content created in UEd is the property of Epic - you can't claim IP copyright for that content - so the asking is an issue of politeness more than anything else.

    So would it be safe to assume that if I wished to remake an original UT map, I won't be stepping on any toes?

    I think Epic officially stated that we are free to use content of all UT games. So I think it includes maps. However would be nice if you find author of map and give him/her credit in readme.

    And asking for permission for some of UT99 maps is quite impossible as many authors stopped to play/map for UT, their emails are long dead, and websites are taken over by ****** crowd. In such case post some "looking for mapper contact" topic here and at BU, in case author emerges later you have your *** covered.


      I always put credit saying who originally created the map, that's pretty important I think.


        The official stock UT maps and any of the stock game content for the "Unreal Universe" (UU) games can be used in your own UU maps and mods without getting prior permission from Epic. You are free to use any content from any of the UU games into any other of the UU games.
        This doesn't mean that you can just re-release an unmodified copy of one of the stock maps but with your name on it.

        You cannot use content from the UU games in other titles (ie. CounterStrike).

        You can only use content from other titles in UU games if you have permission from the other title copyright holder.

        For custom maps and content created by other people/mappers, you should obtain permission first. If you cannot locate the original author, I would recommend not using the map design or content in your own map.
        Also, all of the hosting services like FileFront etc. clearly stipulate that you must have full rights to anything that you upload there, this is to prevent them from being involved in lawsuits should you get served papers for using something without permission.

        The Unreal Universe games include Unreal, Unreal 2, Unreal Championship, UC2, Unreal Tournament, UT2003, UT2004, UT3.
        I should ask Epic about GoW content because it will not fall under the UU use stipulated by Epic.


          Somehow I doubt they want us to take GoW items because that is a completely different game and Epic wants that game to sell.

          ~Death Dream~


            I mentioned GoW simply because there are people already using content from it in UT3, which is not allowed at this time AFAIK.


              Thanks for the info everyone

              I'm looking at remaking DM-KGalleon from UT99. From my friends' feedback, this was either a "love it" or "hate it" level, but obviously, I loved it!

              I'm doing it partly to learn the engine (I currently work in VFX and have been considering a move into games) and partly as a creative excercise (re-theming the map in a steampunk style) and partly just as an homage to what I think was a fantastic map!

              So according to the replies of this thread... I'm free to do so?


                Koos Galleon is a stock UT map AFAIK.
                You could do the SkySphere and Water Plane as InterpActors to get them moving (rocking). UT3 should do an excellent job of this map with its good water shaders.


                  Good to hear!

                  What I was actually considering trying (I know, it's monumental and a bad idea for my first UT Map) was creating the boat as a steampunkish flying ship, floating in the sky, and if you shoot out enough of the 'ropes' holding the sails in place, the rest snap and the entire level drops into the ocean. Unrealistic?

                  The boat wouldn't move, but rather the environment would be 'triggered' to rush up at the boat (I guess), tilting a bit, and some big particle splash as it lands. Or maybe you can shoot out the engines, or gravitronic stabilizers or something hahaha - this would save the hassle of having to deal with multiple animated breakable objects. But the end result would be the same.

                  Would this be:

                  a) Possible?

                  b) Probable?

                  c) Ridiculous idea?

                  In my head, it looks awesome! HAHAHAHA! I don't know if it's a realistic expectation or not, especially given my limited experience working with this engine, but now I have the idea it's hard to shake it.


                    Sounds like DM-Forbidden for 2k4. A flying sci-fi pirate ship circling an island town. It's a semi-official map, in that it was created by a couple guys who did work for Epic, and released, but it wasn't part of any official bonus pack...


                      Hm, well I'll have to check it out so I don't accidently make it alike enough to be considered a rip off.


                        Great idea, and not that hard to make, but for sure needs lots of time to model everything.

                        For ropes you can use skeletal meshes with 2 animation sets: idle and breaking off. Look into necris infection tubes in NEC_Deco.

                        Falling down, moving you can use as combination of what DGUnreal said and water plane as mover.

                        Splash you can do with nice emitter, there is even one stock emitter from epic that will do this quite well.

                        But please please make that steampunk ship believable from engineering point of view. Ie. some energy transfer (steam pipes to engines), big enough rotors or steam jets etc.


                          I hope to make it as workable as possible! Science fiction always needs a basis in reality or it becomes Fantasy

                          I've been doing thumbnails of the various components of the ship tonight, coming up with a color palette, and a simple three-point design theme, sketching out engine components, aerodynamics, etc.

                          First step is to complete an alpha which will be a super low-res, untextured version of the map (no bot paths yet either) just to test playability. It's primarily a design project, but I'd like it to be playable. It'd be horrible to put all this effort in and have no one want to play it!

                          Once the alpha is completed, I'll do a beta1, meshed and lit, just a basic material applied to all surfaces to test for collisions and potential snags and so on.

                          Beta2 will be materials and final lighting.

                          Beta3 -> Final Release will be including the disabled engines/plummet into the ocean animated background.

                          Does this sound like a good production path?