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Blurry Texture problem in UED

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    Blurry Texture problem in UED

    I've read a few posts around here on this topic but am still unclear on how to fix it. I have, for example, a custom tree in my map. In the editor when i zoom up close to it, the texture is fine, but when i zoom out a bit the custom texture becomes blurry, both in the editor window and in my texture package.

    I read somewhere the texture should be set to level 5 (or something), though where is this option? Is there something else i should be doing to sort this blurry texture problem?

    Thx for any help

    "1. bForceMipStreaming

    You should not be selecting all of your map StaticMeshes and setting the bForceMipStreaming to True. The occurrence of the blurry StaticMeshes is an issue with user maps and the current game version. Setting bForceMipStreaming to True on all of the map content may have a negative impact as that function forces all texture mips to be loaded when the level is loaded, bypassing the dynamic mip streaming. On systems with smaller texture memory pools the result may be running out of pool space.
    Until Epic releases the first patch to fix this I don't recommend you do this. People experiencing blurry textures should just set the Texture Quality to 5. On systems with video adapters as old as ATI X800's you should see no performance loss at a Texture Quality setting of 5."

    Copy pasted from DGunreal's amazing "Preparing your map for publishing and distribution" thread.


      Yep i read that As i said, i can't find the option to set the Texture Quality to 5 though, where is it?

      Thanks for the help


        People experiencing blurry textures should just set the Texture Quality to 5.

        This refers to the settings in the game not in the editor.