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    Help on Help

    The UT3 editor is really powerful, if only I could find out how to do ...

    Clicking the Help can take me to Online Help, Great! But...

    The UDN page looks really useful but clicking FAQ asks for licensees username and password.

    So, I wonder, what is the point of online help if it is only for this secret order of people called 'Licensee'. Having purchased the Collectors edition I was hoping to be able to get some help online from Epic. Do I qualify as a Licensee?

    Or is this link purely to point users of the editor to all the websites that (mostly) are still under development?

    Your last suspicion is the correct answer. I agree that it's lame that there isn't actually a help file. It could probably solve a lot of peoples problems. I'm always using help files in programs and 90% of the time I find what I'm looking for. But you are not a licensee unless you buy the license agreement to the engine which is in the $350,000 range.


      Just to try & clear this up for the OP - Being a licensee means you've paid Epic the megabucks required to use their engine in your commercial game or application.
      (Bioshock for example)

      The UDN contains extra documentation for liscencees because;
      a) they've paid a ton more money than we have (),
      b) they could legitimately argue that they need the information more (since they've got commercial projects riding on it),
      c) they generally need information of a more technical bent than your average "how do I maekz a terrain?", for instance if they're modifying the game engine itself, or adding completely new features that Epic never designed, and
      d) probably some other stuff I've not even thought of yet.

      Don't worry, the UDN will be updated before too long, & failing that, there's always the Wiki.