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Light passong through bsp ?

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    Light passong through bsp ?

    I was wondering if it is possible to have light pass through BSP ?

    for brushes follow all steps
    (for static meshes follow steps 4 and 5)

    1) turn brush into static mesh (brush wireframe mode: right click brush > turn to static mesh)

    2) delete brush, load from GenericB

    3) right click static mesh > save brush as collision

    4) select static mesh, press F4

    5) under light turn cast shadow off.

    6) submenu in lighting is "LightingChannels" roll out and change to BPS

    dont know if this is best way as i just looked myself lol but this is how i would go about it ^^ hope this helps


      thank first and for most for the reply - i did try it out - but it unfortunately didn't do what i wanted it to :S ----- I simply called it a day and dropped in some exrta lights .. Although i really didnt want to :s

      but .. Thanks again


        Hourences' tutorials mentioned lighting issues with BSP - for water, he suggests using static mesh planes (which is the way the stock maps do it as well), so depending on what you want to do that'd be the way to go I guess.