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Is It Possible To Exclude Ambient Light?

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    Is It Possible To Exclude Ambient Light?

    I'm working on a map with another person for our company's unannounced console game.

    My co-worker insists on using an ambient light that affects every single streamed level in the map. After spending numerous hours getting the lighting just right in my current level...he's hosed it all with one fail swoop.

    Is there any way that I can exclude his ambient light with a volume? Or is there a property in the streamed volume that could be adjusted?

    Any help is appreciated!


    Have you tried setting the "Self Contained Lighting" option on your sub-level and rebuilding.. i'm not 100% sure but i think that will do what you want


      Could this be handled through one of the custom lighting channels? I have not used them myself much but have seen people handle several other lighting issues with them.


        Thanks for the fast replies.

        I think that the Self Contained Lighting may have done the trick!
        I have to wait a few hours until the BSP level is unlocked and "surrendered" to me.

        Thanks again!