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Camera who follow the powerup's holder with Kismet

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    Camera who follow the powerup's holder with Kismet

    I want to put on my map another cool stuff, but not shure of the process i have to follow...

    So I have a monitor mesh who display the action of the map shooted by a "SceneCapture2DActor". Works prety good so far...

    But now, I want toggle on the monitor another camera who follow the player or bot who have taken the InvisPowerup and so until the player/bot loose the powerup.

    I have started a test kismet :

    What it done : When I pickup the powerup, my view switch to the SceneCapture2DActor...

    -Am I on the good way to make what I want ?

    -how I can set the SceneCapture2DActor as it follow the player/bot (or maybe switch to the 3rd view of him) who have taken the powerup ?

    -how stop the camera and toggle to the first cam when the powerup is off or the player/bot is die ?

    Any help will be appreciate

    I have messed around with this as well and have not gotten it to work yet. I ended up shelving the idea and used static cameras for my map, DM-Hive]I[.

    The biggest reason is I think this has the potential to be a huge resource hog and will probably really slow things down, especially if that player really gets into the action or has ends up with a detailed FOV. The other big one is I was not sure how to manipulate camera control so it would spin and move to show the "ideal" angle on the player it is attached to.

    I will continue to mess with this as soon as I get my new computer. I would like to figure it out but it is unlikely it will make it into a published map.


      It's shure it will be more complex as I have previous thought...
      So I will release soon my map, it's the last stuff I wanted on it !

      Anyway Thx


        Use a Attach to Actor node to Hard Attach the Camera2D to the player, use the relative offset and rotation to set how you want. You could hard attach it to the head bone, that would let you see them look up/down.. but then you will get the camera bobbing.

        I just tried the attach to actor and it works.. the the head bone attach can be quite nauseating because of the head bobbing

        As for switching the view.. setup 1 camera in it normal position and have another Camera2D just for the attaching to players, then switch the textures on the screen as needed using a MaterialInstanceConstant and SetTextureParam.


          Will try later to follow your way but just a question now,

          How I "say" to the "attach to actor" node to hard attach the player or bot who carrie the powerup specifficly ?


            Like this

            The ??? is a New Object and whoever picked it up will be put into it


              Good, try it now and post feedback later...


                Perfect, works like a charm, you're the best KillBait!
                Thx a lot mate !!


                  Just try several times, their is a BIG PROBLEM :

                  The second time a player pickup the Invis, the camera start to follow the holder to the position where the powerup has turn off the last time... Not really good.

                  How I can do to replace the SceneCapture2D to the start position when the powerup is off ?
                  With Kismet maybe ?


                    I buillt you a test level, shows you how to switch to player and back to powerup again..

                    Download Here


                      Just tested several times, and NOW, it's just PERFECT !!!

                      Again, thx a lot KillBait!



                        Could you please enlighten me on how to attach the SceneCapture2DActor to the player, I have all te nodes in Kismet, but nothing seem to happen if I'm just connecting them...


                          It seemed that I had nothing connected to the In-connection of the Attach to Actor node, I connected an Level Startup - Out and now it seems to work just fine ; )


                            great if you have succeed to do what you want.
                            Maybe if you need, I can send you the kismet made by KillBait! , it really help me


                              Please include a link to that file ; ) The link that is in this thread doesn't work anymore..

                              One thing however, do you know to which bone the first person camera is linked to (if it is linked to a bone anyway). If I use the head bone then I don't get the exact first person camera feedback..