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Cut a Surface on a BSP Brush? (Resolved)

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    Cut a Surface on a BSP Brush? (Resolved)

    I was just wondering if I could "cut" a surface, or subdivide a single (or on both sides if I had to) face on a brush to move the points up?

    What I want to do: Make a box-shaped brush, then cut the top in half, to make two surfaces there. Then move the center points up to make a very basic house-shaped object.

    I know I could just make a basic mesh, but I was just curious if this could be done quickly in-editor when I wanted to make basic meshes without switching apps and importing them....

    Just so I could quickly make the mesh as BSP, then convert it. It also saves BSP material UV data, so I could easily plop the materials I want on the BSP, convert it to mesh, then just add a bunch of meshes where I want them.... It would just be quicker than making the mesh in an external application, then setting up UVs in the external app, then importing them in, then importing the textures...

    EDIT: ROFL, figured it out about 30 seconds after posting.

    It's under Vertex Selection mode in Geometry Mode. Select the 2 points on either side of the face you want to split and click the Split Button under Geometry Modifiers.... Sometimes I still feel like a newb... lol