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Questions about making CTF/VCTF levels?

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    Well, you have to go to PlayerStart>TeamPlayerStart in the generic browser for team starts.

    Secondly, You'll have to set up the Flag Bases and vehicles will "belong" to the team whose flag base is closer to the the vehicle.

    Under the Vehicles' Properties there is a setting called bStartNeutral. Set that if you want the vehicle to be open for either team to take. (IE- the manta under the bridge in Suspense or the Goliath in Kargo)

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  • started a topic Questions about making CTF/VCTF levels?

    Questions about making CTF/VCTF levels?

    I am working on my first level (a vctf map) and need to know how to I set player starts and vehicles to specific teams, and how to set and remove the locks on vehicles (right now all my vehicles are locked to me).