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Maya and/or Blender Tutorials?

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    Maya and/or Blender Tutorials?

    I learned about 99.9% of my 3D Modeling knowledge in Lightwave 3D, so I have a pretty good knowledge base to start from.

    I ended up losing my copy of it though (very sad, that **** ain't cheap by any means...)

    So, I went ahead and installed Both Maya PLE and Blender.

    Problem is, for me, the layouts for both are so drastically different that I have no clue where to start most of the time (still trying to get the hang of navigating them since Lightwave has the convenient method of using the little buttons at the top-right of each viewport).

    I can add very basic meshes and do some other very beginner stuff, but am having trouble finding a set of good tutorials for each that progress from very simple to more complex in difficulty.

    Until I can really get into each one and work with some stuff I can't really make as informed of a decision of which I would rather work with.

    I AM leaning towards Blender for the ease of export and import into UT3, but it seems like informative tutorials for that are really tough to find, especially in graduated difficulties.... All I find are mostly scattered bits on various personal websites.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Blender 3D Design Course (Free Tufts University Course - check out the video tutorial section!)

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    BlenderNation (Tutorials)

    Blender 3D: Noob to Pro (Progressive Tutorials)

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      3d Buzz (guys who were commissioned by Epic to make the collectors edition video training series) has a great supply of tutorials for maya, (as well as old UT04, 3ds max, half life 2 and many others) Visit sign up (free of course) and check out their collection.

      Good luck.
      (fanatic Maya user.)


        Thanks guys I really appreciate the help