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Problem: Dead player and bot meshes freaking out.

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    More info - The only things i was altering at the time were the worldinfo properties - such as mapinfo, music and killz height/type. Could be something to do with killz. I did reset all changes afterwards and the problem remained.

    The warped death effect that is happening looks a little like how the models can flip out when they fall off a map another way to decribe it is like a shock combo effect but snapped into one place.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated otherwise i'm back to square 1 on beta 2 again.

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  • Problem: Dead player and bot meshes freaking out.


    Typically as i'm putting the very last touches into my map the whole **** thing goes and f%£k$ up.
    This problem has only recently started happening, as i prepared the latest beta of my map. Almost everytime a bot or player is killed the player/bot mesh turns into a hovering, quivering twisted pile of polygons.

    This only happens in my map.

    Anyone else encountered this problem and know how to fix it.