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Alternating Spawns for Powerups

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    That works beautifully. The sound issue is an annoyance, but it's not a huge deal considering where I've got the Keg spawns located. The mesh issue is easily overcome by simply placing the mesh for the keg pickup base in the same spot.

    I even managed to add a sound cue that plays globally when one of the spawns is up!

    Thanks so much for the help.

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    Thanks! I'll try that out and let you know how it goes.

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    Ok I got it.
    The only drawback, well the most important one, is that you hear the invisible Keg spawn. But in a map packed with action and sounds I don't think it's that much of a problem.


    I'll explain it
    Select the Keg bases one at a time and in Kismet rightckick new event using ... Superhealth.. -> Pickup Status Change
    and also New Object Var using..Superhealth.. Those are the objects on the far right.

    New Event ->Level Startup
    New Action -> Switch -> Random Switch (linkcount of 2 in properties)
    New Action -> Misc -> Delay
    New ACtion -> Toggle -> Toggle Hidden
    New Action -> Switch -> Switch (with bLooping set)
    New Action -> Actor -> Change Collision (one default , the other with bCollideACtors)

    Now connect the dots

    Let me know if that does it for you. I took 55secs as the Keg's default spawn time. However you might have to tweak that because there might be some delays when using the sequence. Put the 2 Kegs next to each other and test them first.

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    I can make this for you, but in an unorthodox way, so to speak.

    First you have to understand, there's the base, which you control and then there's the Keg itself which spawns after a certain time on the base.

    The problem is you can destroy actors, like the keg base, but you can not spawn the Keg base with the "Actor Factory" function. (If someone knows howto, pls tell me.)

    So what I can do is, at level startup, make one of them (randomly) invisible. And when the other is taken I can do the opposite. The drawback is that when the second Keg becomes visible it will be already on its base, ready to grab. I can always put a timer on it of course.

    i'll get back to you

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  • started a topic Alternating Spawns for Powerups

    Alternating Spawns for Powerups

    I've got two Kegs O' Health in my CTF map, and I want them to spawns. Essentially, when the level loads, I want one keg or the other (chosen randomly, if possible) to spawn. The spawned keg acts normally (it stays active until taken), while the opposite keg spawn is inactive UNTIL the active spawn is taken. When someone takes the keg, I want the NEXT spawn of the keg to be at the other location.

    In essence, the keg will jump back and forth across the map, from one spawn to the other, without ever spawning in both places at once. Is this possible?

    I am a complete and utter Kismet newbie, so please be brutally simplistic.