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How can I organize custom content?

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    How can I organize custom content?

    - In some mutators, there are .upk files. Some have to be put into \CookedPC\UI, some into \CookedPC\Environments, others to \CookedPC\Packages or even\CookedPC\"MutatorName". In other cases they have to be put into the main \CookedPC\ folder.
    Is it neccecary to keep them where they are, because the path is defined in the .u script file, or can they be moved anywhere as long as they are in Published\CookedPC\?

    - The Map files are in \CookedPC\CustomMaps. Can they be moved into subfolders such as: \CookedPC\CustomMaps\DM-Map\DM-Map.ut3,DM-Map.ini,DM-Map.upk?

    - There are two folders: UTGamePublished\CookedPC\Localisation\INT and UTGame\Localisation\INT. Does it matter where my .int files are, or can I put all of them into Published\CookedPC\Localisation\INT? If not, what is the difference between the two .int variants?

    - How can I write comments into the .ini files, to have e.g. a better overview, which Custom Characters I added?

    - If I want to remove a mutator from the list, which is part of a mutator pack. Does it work to remove the related lines from the .ini file? Can I still join servers, using the mutator pack, wich activated a mutator, I removed ?