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question about materials

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    question about materials

    if i change a materials properties in the material editor does it only apply those setting to the material in my map or permanently to the main game's package?

    and if the latter how do i duplicate a material to modify

    the latter and should not be done

    duplication, see sticky


      One way is to double click the material you want so it opens the material editor.

      Drag a box around all the expressions with Ctrl-Alt left mouse button.

      Ctrl+c to copy them. In the generic tab of the generic browser scroll down to your map name and click it to open it.

      Right click on the gray part of the window and select "New Material", enter the name of the new material and ok to open the material editor.

      Left click in the window to make it active, Ctrl+v to paste the expressions.

      Some final connections will have to be made. Then you can edit the material to what you want.

      Now it will be saved into your map.