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Any tips for keeping rebuild time down?

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    Any tips for keeping rebuild time down?

    For example, I read in one thread that building a subtractive map results in much higher build times for lighting because it basically creates a massive additive cube. Could you solve that problem by applying the "RemoveSurfaceMaterial" material to that cube so that it was unlit? Or would those surfaces still be calculated regardless?

    Also, does anyone know how lightmap resolutions affect this? On my last map I tried upping the resolutions on any surfaces that wouldn't look too different as a result, but it didn't have any noticeable effect on rebuild time at all. I'm not sure if it does anything for in-game performance or not either.

    On a similar note I'm also curious about what it is that makes map file sizes get so huge. Do things like the number of lights matter, or is it more about the number of surfaces those lights are hitting, texture density, etc?

    If anyone can give me hints for keeping these two things under control it'd be very helpful.

    Try creating a simple cube in a subtractive map and additive, with 1 light inside.
    Additive = 2 secs full rebuild
    Subtractive = 30 secs full rebuild
    I also havn't noticed much difference in the build time when raising the light detail on surfaces.
    I now started doing select all surfaces, changing it to 8 light resolution, and then manually set ones I don't need that high down. Looks nicer that way.
    Adding custom stuff, and music all adds to file size.
    In general though, file sizes of 20mb are normal i think.


      Using terrain increases both build time and file size.
      The number and size of lightmaps increases build time and file size.