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custom shape for water mesh?

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    custom shape for water mesh?

    Hi everyone...hope all goes well.

    My problem is this...I have a pool with a raised 12 sided wall, small lip around inside of wall. Originally the water water below the lip but have wanted to move the water level up to just below the wall around the pool in order to add some small windows.
    Problem is getting the water to stay within the walls. Once above the lower lip, it will reside outside the wall area.
    Below re a couple of screens to illustrate what i mean.
    Will i have to create a custom static mesh in order to accomplish have no water showing outside the pool walls?
    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    I would say to make a "Sheet" brush of enough segments (3x3) to make it 12-sided. Add it in, move some points around in geometry mode to get it shaped correctly, then Export it as a Static Mesh.

    Then use the mesh and override the material with the water material...


      You "could" make the unwanted portions of the mesh transparent using a black and white texture in the shape of the desired water surface applied to the Opacity Mask channel in the material.