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PS3 Map Cooking Tutorial

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    PS3 Map Cooking Tutorial

    PS3 Cooking Tutorials:

    Category 1: Map Cooking:

    Things you will need:
    -Unreal Tournament 3 for PC patched to version 1.1
    -PS3 Mod Tools
    -an unpublished map (non-cooked, the type of map-file you get when you save in the UnrealTournament3Editor)

    If u don't have an unpublished map, take the one from this thread (it's the one I'll use in this tutorial):

    1. Copy the map you want to cook to "x:\documents and settings\<your username>\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Unpublished\CookedPC\CustomMaps". I copied DM-Leviathan.ut3 to that path because I'll use it for the tutorial.

    2. Execute UnrealFrontend, which is located under "x:\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries".

    3. Select everything as shown in the picture.

    4. Under "Maps" input the name of the map you want to cook, without the file extension. I wrote in DM-Leviathan because it is the map I'll cook for the tutorial.

    5. Hit the "Cook" button. Then Input a name for your mod and hit "OK". I wrote "DM-LeviathanPS3". The name you input here is later shown at the "My content" list on the PS3 after you've imported your mod.

    6. Wait till the cooking process is completed (It can take several minutes). Ignore errors or warnings corresponding to "A_Vehicle_Stealthbender" or "VH_StealthBender" in the case you get any.

    7. Click on the blue link. A folder will pop up.

    Part 2

    8. Open "PS3-UTGame.ini".

    9. Make sure everything is set/named like in the picture.

    10. Go back to UnrealFrontend and click "OK".

    11. Select a place to save in the upcoming dialog box and hit "OK".

    12. Go to the place you just chose. You should now see a new folder named "PS3".

    13. Compress the folder "PS3" and distribute it online.
    14. Close UnrealFrontend.

    If you own a PS3 you can also copy the folder onto the root of a flash media and import the mod you made into Unreal Tournament 3 to check if it works.

    I hope that this tutorial will help some people to cook their maps for PS3.

    Other tutorials to come:
    -Cooking Game Types for PS3
    -Cooking Character Parts for PS3

    Other tutorials to read:
    -PS3 Mutator Cooking


      Nice tutorial! It should clear things up for people and we'll see more PS3 maps. I'll be sure to cook the map I'm working on right now with this tutorial


        This might be easier for some...


          Originally posted by Làámßø View Post
          This might be easier for some...

          The stuff on the UDN link is not very easy to understand, but I got the knowledge for my tutorial there as well.


            Originally posted by D4rkW4rr10r View Post
            8. Open "PS3-UTGame.ini".

            When i go to this folder, all i have is a 32kb file and the ini. So when i cook it i just get a 33kb JAM file. What am i doing wrong?


              did u use an unpublished map file? If u use one that was already cooked for the pc, then you will only get the two files you are talking about (the cooking failed).


                Oh you mean there's no way to do it with an already-cooked pc map? Is there anyway to work around that?


                  open the map in the editor, rebuild it and then save it.

                  Then you should be able to cook it for ps3. Works on most maps (I have heard).


                    I have the same problem, I used the same map as in the tutorial. Ended up with a 33 kB Jam file.

                    I am using Vista, could that be the problem?


                      Vista shouldn't be the issue. Can you properly cook/publish other maps?


                        Just wanted to say thanks D4rkW4rr10r, for taking the time to make a detailed tutorial for PS3 mod cooking. This looks really helpful, and hopefully it'll help out others who are having trouble cooking their stuff. Good luck with everything, and I hope you find ways around some of those problems we've been seeing.


                          Originally posted by AlfonsÅberg View Post
                          I have the same problem, I used the same map as in the tutorial. Ended up with a 33 kB Jam file.

                          I am using Vista, could that be the problem?
                          This is really strange, everything should work fine. Maybe vista is causing a problem because I heard the folder structure is different. Where is your "My Games" folder located on Vista?
                          Maybe the the "My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Unpublished\CookedPC\CustomMaps" is at another place on vista than on XP. I don't have vista, so I can't tell.

                          And you did everything like in the tutorial? And you use the unpublished version of DM-Leviathan (the one I linked here)?


                            Ok, I followed all the steps in the tutorial (thanks! btw). I think I've done everything right. However, I don't have a PS3 to test with and having never cooked a map for the PS3 I don't know what the final product is supposed to be. So I guess the question is: what am I supposed to end up with in the PS3 folder that is created?


                              depends on your map.

                              What your folder ("My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Mods\PS3\<your mod name>") should always have:
                              GuidCache_<your mapname>.xxx
                              <your mapname>.xxx

                              What your folder ("PS3\SAVEDATA\BLUS30086-MODIMPORT") should only have (after UnrealFrontend packaged your mod):