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    PS3 cooking warnings

    When i want to publish my uncooked map for the PS3 with the UnrealFrontend, it displays various warnings while cooking it:

    i have customsounds in my map and it seems that they cant be cooked, does that mean this map wont have those sounds on PS3?

    also, i get cooked files with xxx as filetyp ( ) , thats not correct isnt it?

    I'm not modder but I think I read that custom sounds would not be support because of some ATRAC3 requirement.


      The directory of files with .xxx extension is not what you distribute. When you cook using the front end, after it finished it asks you to check the ini file. Before clicking anything else, edit your ini. Then it asks you to copy it to a media device. Just select one of your hard drives. In the root of that drive you'll find a folder called PS3. Compress that directory and distribute that archive.

      Currently, custom sounds are not available on PS3 but they will hopefully be available in the future.


        ok thank you for clearing out, so i have to edit the ini first and then save the files to my hard-drive.. alright.

        without customsounds its not the same, but i will have to try it

        btw mustapha i downloaded your DM-BathroomIII_Beta2a for PS3, just to look what files you have, there is only the JAM-file and nothink else

        [edit] ok get it now, it compresses all those files to the JAm file


          I have a problem with cooking my map for PS3. I have no errors or warnings as I have fixed all of them before publishing, the map works for PC.. yet for some reason once I bring it on my PS3 it crashes after the level loads saying corrupted Data. Anyone know of away to fix this or things to try?

          EDIT: Just found out I didn't have a .ini file so I made one and now it has no error message, but it freezes as soon as the map loads instead now. hmmm...

          heres what mine says when its done.. no errors that I can see :P


            Funny how epic left their internal error messages in the public cooker. Basically you just need to ignore this, because you dont have the program which the cooker uses to cook sounds for PS3. Sorry.


              I also got the StealthBender errors. I wouldn't worry about those.